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May 16: Life Generation Megagame

Date: Thursday, the 16th of May 2024.
Time: 13:00 to 17:00
Venue: Linköping University at room I205

Come on a journey into energy descent and climate change 2030-2060 in a local community. In this semi-immersive game experience, players will act as citizen assembly members (“medborgarråd”) of a municipality dealing with local and global events affecting everyday life. With the quest to keep life worth living for all, players will interact through board game mechanics, enter altered states of consciousness, and meet non-human characters with the power to change the outcomes.

Please register via

For more info contact Louise at

Play test of Switching the Current May 21

In the run-up to playing Switching the Current with Linköping municipality June 17, we will have a play test and facilitator’s briefing May 21. We will spend the whole day to test the game, get acquainted with roles and facilitation and ensure that we have a version that can be played June 17. Depending on the game development process, we may have an entirely new version of the game ready, or an existing version that we will train new facilitators on. Read more about Switching the Current on the Linköping University pages.

The game is intended to capture the social dynamics and relationships involved when transitioning towards sustainable energy systems for a region. The play test will involve playing different roles in this system, working towards common goals but also keeping your own interests in mind, together with others over the course of a day. We will provide food and snacks during the day to all who come. If this is something you feel interested in, please sign up!

Switching the Current goes to Uddevalla November 16

Our biggest event yet will take place in Uddevalla, November 16. 80-90 players will take on the challenge of navigating a region towards a safe and just future amidst a host of crises awaiting them along the way. Which choices will they make? We are very much looking forward to the next iteration of the game, having made several adjustments from last iteration and learning about what makes a valuable learning experience. If anyone would like to learn about the event or join as observers: please contact us (see our LiU page for contact info).

Watch the Skies Jan 20 2024

Information below also on Facebook

Welcome to the worst nightmare of the governments of Earth: extraterrestrial Aliens roam outside of Area 51. What do they want? And whatever they say they want, can they be trusted not to conquer Earth instead?

East Sweden Megagames runs of Jim Wallman’s famous megagame Watch the Skies in Linköping, Sweden in January 2024. Join 40 other players in a whole-day game of diplomacy and alien invasion: gather three friends and sign up to play one of the Human teams – or would you rather be on the Press or even Alien teams?

Does it cost anything to play? The venue is not set at the moment, so we currently don’t know – should there be cost for the venue, we will charge each player a small fee (max. SEK 300) at registration to cover it. 

Sign up here:

Play the GreenRoute Megagame in Norrköping May 19!

On the 19th of May, we will hold an event where we have invited dozens of people to play and enjoy our Megagame, Greenroute. Greenroute is a type of game that is played by a large number of people, you will all in some way interact with each other. This particular game will be about YOU! It’s about the environmental impact of an individual inhabitant in Norrköping, government authority and company and the impact of their choices on the environment. The goal is to improve our future regarding our climate goals and to make our society logistically sustainable. 

To participate, sign up HERE.

The event will be held at the campus in Norrköping (Kopparhammaren, room 22), see map below. The event is completely free, and we will provide snacks! The game will start at 10 AM and will last for several hours. See you there! 

For further questions, contact 

MEGAGAME for Sustainable Energy Development May 15 2023!

A megagame is a large-scale, immersive game combining tabletop, role-playing, and live-action elements. Involving dozens to hundreds of players, teams cooperate and negotiate to achieve objectives in thematic scenarios, overseen by organizers and game masters. 

In the course TDDE50, we will host a megagame event as part of the course, that will take place in I205 on Campus Valla the 15th of May (I-huset). Our megagame focuses on the area of sustainable energy development and simulates a community within a region of sweden. If you want to attend, please fill out the registration form

Hopefully we will see you on the 15th

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