In the run-up to playing Switching the Current with Linköping municipality June 17, we will have a play test and facilitator’s briefing May 21. We will spend the whole day to test the game, get acquainted with roles and facilitation and ensure that we have a version that can be played June 17. Depending on the game development process, we may have an entirely new version of the game ready, or an existing version that we will train new facilitators on. Read more about Switching the Current on the Linköping University pages.

The game is intended to capture the social dynamics and relationships involved when transitioning towards sustainable energy systems for a region. The play test will involve playing different roles in this system, working towards common goals but also keeping your own interests in mind, together with others over the course of a day. We will provide food and snacks during the day to all who come. If this is something you feel interested in, please sign up!